Trend report: The Anti-Kardashian Effect

The Kardashian’s: love them or hate them you can’t escape them. It is undeniable the effect these five sisters have had on beauty ideals and beauty trends. 2015 was the year of harsh contour, concealed and perfected brows, baking and stark glittery highlights, it’s no surprise that top make-up artists are predicting the demise of a full-face of make-up in favour for a softer and more natural complexion. The SS17 catwalks were full of blurred and glowy complexions, so why not strip down and embrace your natural radiance.

The first step to beautiful, glowy, dewy skin starts before makeup. It’s an age-old tip preached by all beauty buffs and make-up artists: water. Keeping hydrated is essential and recognized as almost instantly improving the condition of your skin. I find the easiest way to keep up my water intake, is to carry a pretty water bottle around – I particularly like these glass ones from BKR.

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Make-up artist, Mary Greenwell welcomes the end of ‘instagram skin’. More often then not, scrolling through your instagram feed, the majority of beauty looks are contoured, sculpted and caked beyond recognition. Instead of layering thick creams and powders to create stark contrasts between highlight and contour, Greenwell suggests using lightweight products applied in thin layers. Starting off with your skin care routine. For a healthy glow, its important to make sure skin in plumped and moisturized.

Image: Vogue

Shen Beauty Make-up Artist, Jill Freeman, recommends investing in a good beauty oil as one of the easiest ways to inject glow back into your complexion, apply as a moisturiser or mix with foundation to sheer out coverage and amp up luminosity. She then recommends using a good quality cream highlighter with a subtle sheen to bring forward the high points of the face.

Try swapping out your foundation and base for pinpoint concealing, a technique used by Lisa Eldridge, Global Creative Director of Lancome. The technique involves using a precise eyeliner brush to apply high coverage concealer only to areas that absolutely need it, then buffing the product in with a fluffy eye shadow brush. The other areas of the skin are left product free and able to shine through.

Image: Vogue

Once, you’ve got your base, its time to lightly build up colour and add radiance. Celebrity make-up artist, Fiona Stiles suggests that the popularity of theatrical contouring will demise and instead using a sheer and realistic application of bronzer to bring natural and shape to the face. If bronzer is not your thing, then you’ll be pleased to hear that blush is making its way back as a beauty ‘buzz’ product. Marthe Hesvik Morheim, Official Makeup Artist for Maybelline speaking backstage at Olso Fashion week, described how the industry is tired of seeing ‘brown streaks’ on people’s face instead, models sported creamy, light textures in rosy hues across their cheeks, for a light, fairy-like effect.

Finally, that coveted ‘glow from within’, we’ve all she the high-shine and highly glittery highlighted cheek-bones popular on social. Instead, use a cream highlighter or even a dab of Vaseline worked in with your fingers across your cheekbones is a great way to add a subtle sheen. Using fingers allows the products to work into the skin and melt together creating the desired skin-like effect.

Image: Vogue


So there we go, will you be ditching the Kim K contour in favour for a light, healthy glow?

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