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We’ve all been there, standing on top of our suitcases, desperately attempting to force the zip closed. For me, I’m more likely to be squashing my clear makeup bag desperately attempting to cram as many travel size minis into my hand luggage as possible. With the generous hand luggage allowances available on airlines, its easier and easier to travel cheaply to your holiday destination yet the liquid restrictions are a little inconvenient when you’re a beauty lover. So, as a fellow beauty lover I’ve put a few tips together to make packing your cosmetics a little bit easier (take it from the gal who did 5 weeks in Europe with only a backpack in hand luggage).


Know your allowance

Per person, you can have one 20 cm x 20 cm clear plastic bag containing products under 100ml. This bag needs to be sealed. The maximum total of liquid you can carry on a flight is 1 litre.

What counts as a liquid?

Creams, lotions, oils, mascara, lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick are all classed as liquids. So to avoid losing any of your beloved products, make sure you include any primers, cream blushers/highlighters, brow gels or pomades in your plastic bag. Be savvy and store any powders separately to free up more room for liquids.


If your aerosols are under 100ml, these do count as one of your liquids.


Whizzing round your favourite brand’s stands before your hols is a great way to stock up on your favourite products and pack them in a travel friendly way without compromising your beauty regime.

Those little plastic pots from Primark

These only cost a couple of quid and their sole purpose is to act as little containers to decant your favourite makeup products. I also find that filling up a little spray bottle with water works amazing if you are doing your makeup on the move with a beauty blender.

Travel minis

I’m a sucker for a travel size product, give me any excuse to stock up and I’m there. If, you shop around cleverly, you can often find 3 for 2 deals or 3 for £12 in many drugstores. I also keep a little bag full of stock and minis which I’ve collected from various hotel rooms and reserve these for hand luggage purposes.

Be picky

Make a rule with yourself, one product from each category. I also tend take an all-in-one cream eyeshadow rather than a palette and one nude and one bright lipstick as a way to mix up my ‘on vacation’ look.

Nail It Magazine

So there we go, here’s how I squash all my beauty products into my hand luggage allowance. Where ever you are heading off on holiday this summer, bon voyage (and wear SPF!). Where are you travelling this summer? Let me know in the comments or over on my socials!

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