It’s cold, it’s dark, I’ve got a cold, my skin is dull and dry and all I want to eat is roast potatoes and gravy. Yes, winter is well and truly here. It’s one of those weird times of year when it’s slightly too early to get festive and but the excitement of firework night and halloween has worn off. I don’t know about you but deadlines are creeping up and I’m well and truly drowning in third year. I’m well and truly in need of a pep up!

We are actually halfway through #selfcare week. Self care week is a week run by the NHS to increase awareness of how self care can benefit our physical and mental wellbeing. Personally, I try to take at least half a day a week to slow down and reset myself, whether this is doing a face mask, shaving my legs, binge watching Real Housewives…. Whatever it may be that helps you switch off. Self care week couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I’m swamped in deadlines, it’s bloody freezing up North and I’m generally just running myself into the ground by trying to balance too many things at once. I find that embracing self care really does start from within. I’ve been making sure my diet is packed with greens and plenty of vitamins and I’m trying to get to the gym as much as possible. Personally, I’m not a fan of taking processed pharmaceutical products such as painkillers, so to organically boost my immune system I’ve been drinking plenty of ginger, lemon, honey and hot water. This has so many health benefits: lemon to give you a good vitamin C kick, honey for natural cough syrup, energy boost and to promote a goodnight’s sleep and finally fresh ginger. Fresh ginger has a range of health benefits, particularly to fight flu and the common cold and fight nausea and sickness (great for a hangover). If, like me, you want to minimise your winter intake of Lemsips, I highly recommend giving this tea recipe a try.

Once we’ve sorted out our self care on the inside, it’s time to indulge in some pamper time and Soap and Glory have got us covered. First of all, who doesn’t love a bath at this time of year? Soap and Glory have recently launched their ‘Fizz-A-Ball’ bath bombs. They come in three scents: the classic Soap and Glory ‘Pink” Rose and Bergamot, the good-enough-to-eat ‘Smoothie Star’ and forever my favourite, the sweet and zesty ‘Sugar Crush’. These bath bombs produce that gorgeous lather when dropped in a warm bath that makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a layer of moisture and you stay smelling delicious for hours afterwards. What better way to indulge in some self care than in a hot and delicious bath with a good book and some candles?


My next favourite way to wind down and reset is a face mask. Now I’m a face mask junkie, I love these things and have tried so many over the years. My skin has always been problematic and my skincare has never been plain sailing. This time of year my skincare needs change, the cold weather outside and the central heating really upset the balance. My skin becomes really dry and flaky and my overall complexion is really rather dull. Thankfully Soap and Glory have swooped in with their range of ‘Mask Force 5’. My favourite has quickly become the ‘Bright + Beautiful’ mask. This mask contains many wonderful ingredients. My favourite being Vitamin C, excellent for promoting collagen production and increasing the quality of collagen in your skin, and no gals, collagen promoting products are not only for anti-aging – you need to start these things early. The ‘Bright + Beautiful’ mask also contains Rooibos tea and Gotu Kola extract for a natural kick. Soap and Glory’s very own ‘Flatterspheres’ technology are these little radiance boosters to help illuminate and brighten the skin. This would also be a fab little post-Christmas party pick me up to get you out of the morning-after slump.

So there we have it, self care week doesn’t have to be about beauty on the outside you can make yourself feel just as good by taking some ‘me time’ and focussing on yourself. These are just a few little things I like to do to get back to basics and pep myself up during these gloomier months.

Remember, happiness starts from within and “while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely”.

For more information on Self Care week click here.

This post was supported by Soap & Glory but as always all opinions are my own.

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