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During my second internship (post coming soon!) I was given the opportunity to attend a few launches on behalf of Fabulous Magazine. The first one was for the launch of ‘Colorwow Cocktails’, a trio of products formulated specifically for coloured hair with an emphasis on blonde hair. The launch was held at the John Freida salon in Mayfair and included a guest appearance from Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director, known for styling and colouring ‘her Kates’. We were given the chance to gain her tips on styling her A-list fans and explore what she kept in her kit for clients such as Kate Winslet.

Colorwow are probably most known for their ‘root cover-up’, a powder applied to roots to cover up regrowth. This launch, Colorwow have expanded their range to target inside each strand of hair as well as improve the appearance on the surface, including three products; ‘Hair Kale’, ‘Carb’ and ‘Coconut’ cocktails. Each cocktail is specially formulated for coloured hair, to be left in after washing as a bond building supplement to strengthen hair damaged by bleach. The so-called ‘secret-agents’ intervene with the internal and external bonds to strengthen each individual strand. My stylist used the Carb Cocktail to prep my hair for the blow dry, this is the only cocktail that doesn’t penetrate the hair to strengthen each strand but instead it is used to give your hair a ton of volume. When combined with the blow dry, I could’ve walked onto a TV set. The product made my hair look like it never had before, I walked out of that salon with swishy, voluminous TV hair. Something I never thought I could achieve as I have very fine hair but a lot of it, this makes it heavy but very soft so quite a challenge to style and maintain! The only improvement I would’ve liked to see was the hold of the product, it did add serious volume but the style didn’t last longer than a day and half even after following the instructions I was given to maintain the style.



How gorgeous is this blowout?!

I left the launch, the proud owner of the ‘Hair Kale’ cocktail. I don’t personally colour my hair so I was unsure whether the product would make a huge impact for me, but after two months of putting the product through it’s paces, I’m really able to see a difference. I’ve always considered my hair to be in quite good condition as I don’t use colour and rarely use heat on it. When I add this cocktail into the mix, my hair becomes softer and definitely silkier but most impressively, the product has really bought out the individual tones through my hair and brightened up my whole look. This time of year, when we start to enter the colder weather with less frequent sun, my hair can tend to become dull and lifeless but this Colorwow product seems to be preventing these effects. Whereas I can’t completely vouch for ‘strengthening internal and external bonds’, I can confirm that the product brightens up the hair colour and really highlights the different tones of blonde I have running through my style. The directions recommend using this everytime you shampoo, personally, the product is slightly too heavy for me to do that. But when used on alternate washes, I was really impressed with the results.

Each cocktail retails for £22, a bit pricey but you do not need a lot. For my length of hair, I use a ten pence sized amount and that is plenty.

So, thank you Colorwow! I really enjoyed the launched and enjoyed walking round London with my Cat Deeley hair even more!

Colorwow Cocktails available here.

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