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BeautyMART is the beauty love-child created by former Vogue Beauty Director, Anna-Marie Solowij and Ruby and Millie co-founder, Millie Kendall. Originally created as a pop-up store in Harvey Nichols, showcasing a handpicked selection of the best products all in one convenient store. The store is now found in Topshop Oxford Circus and the brand has expanded into PR and brand consultancy.

My internship ran for two weeks at the beginning of July and was secured through Anna-Marie who happens to be a family friend. Since beginning University last September, I had been considering my career and directing it towards a PR and Marketing direction but always within the beauty industry. I went into this internship with an open mind and full of excitement to see how the nuts and bolts of the beauty industry fit together.

Being a country girl, London life threw me out of my comfort zone and I soon adapted but even after a month, getting the tube everyday still excited me. That being said, my unfamiliarity with public transport did lead to being an hour early on my first day. The office was based in North London were I spent most of my time, but I did make the odd trip into central London to the Oxford Circus store to pick up and drop off stock. Even the small tasks such as boxing up orders and bar-coding 200 lip balms were enjoyable, I really thrived off being surrounded by such knowledgeable people and the fresh atmosphere. Personally, my favourite task I was set was to write a press release for the launch of Beauty Boulevard’s ‘Stardust’. This involved a whole lot of research into AW16 upcoming trends involving glitter and putting together an informative but eye-capturing release to be sent out to the PR list. I loved that I was given the responsibility to demonstrate my writing skills and to write about a really snazzy up and coming trend I could really get behind.

The office was once space, so all brand consultancy meetings were held in the same room in which we worked. After bringing the clients in and settling everyone down with a cup of tea, I was able to get back to work on the computer but also listen in on the conversations being had around the table. Aspects of beauty business were discussed which I never even considered, this was just a way of broadening my knowledge and really acquiring a rich understanding of what was turning out to be a very complex industry. I have gained a new found respect for start up businesses, as I had no idea just how tough it seems to be to get your foot through the door.

Something else I found fascinating was how a company run by two very experienced, knowledgable and influential women, still became a victim of sexism. It seems as though some may still have a misconstrued view that makeup and beauty is not a credible industry and it appears that the glass-ceiling is still intact in some people’s eyes. Although, this experience has inspired me more to become successful and prove that this industry I dream of being a part of is credible and not one to be taken lightly.

Overall, I cannot thank everyone at Beautymart enough, I have learnt more than I could ever imagine and I’ve been so inspired to do well at university and move forward towards achieving the career I’d love. Being thrown into London life was a shock to the system but definitely worth it and I would push anyone who was unsure about their direction to gain as much work experience as you can. The worst thing that will happen is you might not enjoy it – but then at least you’ll know what not to do!

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