Halloween Inspo: 90s chic

Stuck for a halloween costumer this year? On a bit of a tight budget? Or maybe you just really love Baby Spice? (no judgement if you do, she was my favourite spice girl as well)

This is a very quick and easy outfit, cobbled together from things you probably already have at home or you can get your hands on rather easily. This outfit first started off as a 90s themed costume for a University social, the Giovanni Versace campaign (above) was what I based the outfit on originally but this look could easily fit into the ‘Clueless’ or ‘Spice Girls’ category.

Rather pleased with how nicely the colour of my door tied in with this look…

My jumper was a pink and white plaid woolie number from Primark which I paired with a metallic pink skirt I found on ASOS. Don’t worry if the exact one is not available still, there were plenty of other options from Newlook and Boohoo. The thing that’s really easy with this outfit is the colour scheme, it would be easy enough to base this outfit around a silver skirt or a blue jumper, for instance, and still achieve the same look.

Skirt – ASOS

Top off with some pigtails and accessories, did someone say pom poms? And a smatter of glitter across your eyes and you’re ready!

Happy Halloween whatever your plans – and remember to stay safe!

I would love to see your costumes, tag me or tweet me.

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Cover image: Giovanni Versace

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