Guest Post: Soap & Glory “Kick Into Neutral”

I featured Lucie from The Luce Cannon in my January Top Drawer post and we’ve decided to team up and guest post for each other’s blog. She’s supported by Soap and Glory (one of my favourite high street brands) so here she is with a review of their “Kick into Neutral” palette, a possible dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2?

I am obsessed with eyeshadows, especially palettes – I could not go a day without wearing some kind of colour on my lids! I have never ever tried Soap & Glory eyeshadows before, so I was really intrigued to try their ‘Kick Into Neutral’ palette, especially as it was only £13.

At first glance, it really reminds me of the Naked2 Palette, as it has that great mix of pinks and warm browns. Above is a picture of the two palettes side by side. Obviously, the Urban Decay palette has a lot more shades, but it’s also a lot more expensive at £39.50. It has super cute packaging and shade names, but it is quite flimsy carboard which will last about two seconds with me unfortunately!

As you can see, ‘Cuddly Bare’ is the only matte shade, so it’s definitely a very shimmery palette! When it came to actually swatching and using the colours, I have to say these eyeshadows are a lot more on the subtle side. The one matte shade is extremely pigmented, but the other shades are very shimmery and sheer. However, they can be easily built up or used with a wet brush.

Below is every shade swatched (note that a wet brush was used):

The first shade ‘Fairy Light’ is a classic icy white colour. It’s quite pigmented and not as glittery as the other shades. I love it for the inner corner and brow bone!

The second shade ‘Cinna-bunny’ is a deep bronzy chocolate shadow. It’s super shimmery, and exactly the same as Urban Decay’s ‘Darkhorse’ (from the first Naked Palette).

Next along is ‘Cuddly Bare’, the only matte shade in the palette. This shadow is so thick, buttery and pigmented – it is definitely my favourite of the whole palette. It is a lovely warm mauve, the perfect transition shade, and very similar to Urban Decay’s ‘Tease’.

‘Rich Tea’ is the fourth eyeshadow in the palette, a beautiful bronzy gold. I am actually shocked at how identical it is to MAC’s ‘Crushed Clove’ shadow – I genuinely could never tell the difference!

The two silvers in the palette, ‘Bright Spark’ and ‘Ore-some’, are perfect dupes of the two silvers from the Naked2 Palette: ‘Verve’ and ‘Pistol’. ‘Bright Spark’ is a gorgeous pale silver-grey, and ‘Ore-some’ is a much darker, more metallic version.

‘Pink-A-little’ is the brightest colour in the palette, a gorgeous frosty pink. It is super glittery and girly, and strikes a huge resemblance to MAC’s ‘Sun Tweaked’ – one of my favourite eyeshadows of all time.

Again, the two warm browns in the palette are amazing alternatives to ‘Suspect’ and ‘Busted’ from the Naked2 Palette. ‘Cocoa Cabana’ and ‘Mice-tro’ are two essential warm brown shades.

The final shade, ‘Spookstar’, is the darkest shade in the palette. It appears black, but really, it’s an extremely dark navy with blue reflects running through it. I absolutely adore this shade! I think it’s so unique, I own nothing like it!

Overall I am pleasantly surprised with this palette. I think it has the perfect variation of neutral colours, with some lighter colours and darker ones for a smoky eye. The shadows may not be the most pigmented, but they are easy to build up.

I think this is a fabulous palette for a young girl who’s new to eyeshadow and needs some more subtle, sheer shades to play with. And if you haven’t guessed, it’s an awesome Naked2 dupe!

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