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If you’ve never heard of makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, I need you to pause reading this and check out her instagram here (please come back afterwards). The New Year has bought a bit of a beauty slump for me, exams and the gym have taken over January so my makeup routine has become a bit dull and uninspiring. I found Katie Jane Hughes through Glossier’s recent marketing in a few insta stories and on Facebook, but Wayne Goss posted a photo of her the other day and I just had to follow. Her page and artistry is just the inspiration I need to kick my butt into gear and rediscover beauty.


Instagram: katiejanehughes

The thing I adore about Katie’s approach to makeup is her diversion away from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ makeup that Instagram is currently saturated with. Not that there’s anything wrong that, I just sometimes don’t feel that full contour and overlined lips is always appropriate for me. As you can see from the photos I’ve included, Katie’s makeup is built around glowing but skin-looking skin and natural but fluffy eyebrows. Her looks are then layered on top of these solid foundations.

“As a makeup artist, I’m not the type to say, ‘Less is more,’ but I think if the skin and the brows always look natural, you can wear as much of the other stuff as you want, because there’s balance in the face. That’s my kind of ethos. I feel at home in contrasting looks. Pink eye, red lip. It’s a bit weird, but it still works. I live in a world where I always encourage people to just try new things. Try a blue eyeliner if you usually only wear black. It’s makeup—it washes off if you don’t like it.” (Katie for intothegloss)

Instagram: katiejanehughes

I think what I find most inspiring, is embracing your pores, freckles, fine lines and other imperfections. Rather than hiding what you have, it’s about embracing and enhancing which parts of you already have. For me, I really struggle with enlarged and blocked pores, therefore I include a lot of mattifying and pore filling products. I’ve always dreamt of have perfect and glowing skin but my ‘need’ for pore perfecting products has always prevented me from that. Katie has taught me that no skin is perfect and actually I need to embrace the flaws. Rather than covering, I’ve begun to start at the beginning and target my skin care needs and then add coverage in the places necessary.

speed_plump_night_creamMy favourite product at the moment to inject glow and moisture into my skin is Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse. I apply this following my acids and serums at night and wake up dewy and refreshed. The glow stays put for up to eight hours and creates an amazing base for makeup. After using this at night, I’m good to go with just concealer, brows and mascara for the rest of the day. The texture of this is also mega interesting. The unique, bubbly texture means the cream is super light-weight but delivers a potent injection of moisture. Check it out here.


Once you’ve established a solid and beautiful base you’re then free to build up all sorts of makeup looks on top. I recommend having a browse on Katie’s Instagram for all the bold makeup inspiration you need. Katie also goes through here whole makeup routine on intothegloss which I have linked here. I’m a big believer that skin is most beautiful when it looks like skin. In the summer there is nothing more satisfying than sun kissed and freckled skin teamed with a cat eye and bright lip. I just adore that look. And even though January in the UK is hardly the time to get sun kissed skin, why not embrace it and get experimental with eye looks and bright lips.

Here’s a little selection of my favourites for a little inspiration:

Instagram: katiejanehughes
Instagram: katiejanehughes
Instagram: katiejanehughes
Instagram: katiejanehughes
Instagram: katiejanehughes
Instagram: katiejanehughes


Instagram: tildaferrari
Facebook: smiinkblog

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This post was supported by Soap and Glory but as always, all opinions are my own.

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