Let’s get the formalities over with, my name is Tilda Doody-Henshaw, but most people call my Tilly. I am a 20 year-old second year student reading English Language and Linguistics at the University of Leeds. Someone recently described me as a ‘makeup connoisseur’, I would argue that I’m more of a ‘makeup nerd’, I love beauty, makeup, skincare, nails and all that jazz.

The love affair with beauty, specifically makeup, started when I was seven years old. A next-door-neighbour gave me a red lipstick in a fairy decorated bullet in return for one of my doll’s prams. I then spent most of my childhood setting up nail salons on camping trips, insisting I give all my friends makeup overs at sleepovers and wearing dodgy blue eye shadow. I didn’t care, I loved painting my face. My dad read about Beauty Influencer Lauren Luke, in a Sunday paper sometime on my 11th lap around the sun. As children, our time allowed on the computer was limited, I spent mine watching video after video of hers and memorising every product and technique she filmed. Around this time I also developed quite aggressive acne, this is when I really started to realise the potential of makeup and the effect it could have on my self-esteem. Since then, the love affair has flourished, my hobby is collecting, applying and researching beauty.

I’m hoping to  create a ‘beauty resource’, I’d like this blog to become a place for discussion of all things beauty and a credible source for unbiased views and content written by someone who utterly adores makeup.  I not only enjoy reading about products and testing them out but I think it’s important to understand the background and origins of a products, the history of the beauty industry and how this has effected the lives of women and men throughout the years. Any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment down below and be sure to follow us on social media for updates.

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