DIY: Beaded Chokers

Chokers have been bang on trend for over a year now, and boy do I love this 90s throwback. Until now, most chokers we’ve seen on the market have been the black satin twine pieces, usually featuring a silver Tibetan charm or crystal (those are easy enough to make, leave a comment if you would like a DIY on that style). Recently, whilst shopping, I’ve been seeing lots of beaded chokers, these are a subtle way to jazz up your choker game and really simple to make, below are four steps you’ll need to follow to get the look.

What you’ll need:


How to:
1. Measure out your beading wire. Use an existing choker or simply thread wire around your neck and add an inch or so onto either end.
2. Thread one crimp bead follow by a split ring onto the wire, you then want to double the wire over and thread back through the crimp ring to create a loop. Squash the crimp bead with a pair of pliers (or teeth) to secure the wire.
3. Now is time to thread on your beads, use which ever colour, size, style you like! Keep checking the length against your neck.
4. Finally, you need to create the corresponding end to the jewellery finding. Thread another crimp bead onto the wire, followed by a split ring. Double over as before to create a loop and crimp. You now need to pull the split ring apart and attach a lobster trigger clasp and squeeze the split ring back together.

Trim any excess wire and you now have your completed choker! These look great one their own or layered together or with other jewellery pieces. I would love to see if anyone tries out this DIY, if you do, be sure to tag me @smiinkblog.

All supplies can be found relatively cheaply on ebay or amazon.

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